According to a poll in which 540 women took part, women spend somewhat more than $10,000 on shaving products and services over the course of their lives. This figure is shocking, therefore it’s no surprise that more women are opting not to remove their body hair these days. It’s also heartening to see celebrities who opt not to shave, since this helps to mainstream the practice and encourages more women to do the same. But, removing body hair or not is based on one’s personal taste and here are a few public figures who showcase normalizing this aspect.

#1 Bella Thorne

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She states that she’s way more comfortable with body hair than shaving it off and presents an intriguing fact saying that when the term “arm pit” is googled, the search results pop up with a picture of a girl’s slightly hairy arm pit which proves her notion on body hair to be right.

#2 Cardi B

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She too seems comfortable in showing off her body hair as she confidently and casually poses for the pictures.

#3 Emma Corrin

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According to Corrin, the way she do her makeup, hair style, body hair or any other things related to enhancing her beauty, it all depends on her sentiments, mentally and not externally. Even though she hasn’t thought of leaving on her body hair before, since she was in a relationship, later she realized as to what’s the big deal in leaving what you got naturally as it is!

#4 Amandla Stenburg

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Look how confident she is to show off her natural beauty than making things up!

#5 Lourdes Leon


Beautiful ladies embracing each other’s natural beauty

#6 Jemima Kirke

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It’s of course her personal desire, and why bother?

#7 Mo’Nique


Doesn’t her smile resemble of all what she’s got to say?

#8 Ashley Graham

© ashleygraham / Instagram

Taking selfies is okay too! Confidence is all what matters!

#9 Mayim Bialik

When all of her friends at school started shaving off their body hair though it was even not visible, Bialik found it to be a waste of time and she even disgusted the idea. Therefore, she had never once shaved her legs and found it comfortable to be even exposed to the public eye.

As you can see, it’s not even visible, as she has got really thin hair and why bother about? She perceives it to be completely natural when her son and husband too are of the same thought. It is of course scientifically proven too to have body hair is better than not!

#10 Drew Barrymore

The confidence remains unchanged even when posing with a man!

#11 Lisa Bonet

© 0000001/Reporter/East News

Her stunning natural look outstands the rest!

#12 Miley Cyrus

Going all comfortable in public!

#13 Gaby Hoffman

Her elegant smile is natural too!

#14 Paris Jackson

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Some may find it disgusting but this our real self, lets learn to fall in love with it first!


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