For a long time since the old days, animals were seen as devoid of emotion. Although this idea may be still present, the masters of woodland photography contradict it.

Passionate photographers take us all over the planet, to discover wildlife and to give us a jaw dropping glimpse of how much closer humans and animals are.

Simon Needham takes pictures of white lions to show the world the beauty of this rare color mutation of the lion. “I’ve been very close to lions to the point where, even though I was technically safe, it was still very scary”, Simon told.

“But safety is always my first priority. Although any time I am very close to a lion I feel like I’m in danger, I always take precautions to ensure I am in fact safe. A lion is almost 8 times stronger than a man, and just being in the presence of a lion, I can feel the power they hold.”

So we invite you to discover these incredible photos of this great master of the genre “The White Lion”.

These days, wildlife photography is a genre that comes in both color and black and white.

Woodland photography requires great patience, persistence and a real gift to grasp the psychology of animals.

The greatest photographers such as Simon Needham work to protect the flora and fauna. They want to raise awareness in the society and amaze with their images while protecting our beautiful mother nature.


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