Geert Weggen is an award winning Dutch or Swedish photographer, who specializes in photographing Red squirrels and other animals.

About Six years ago, Weggen found a fox on his front porch. I immediately rushed back inside to fetch some meat. The fox would come back daily to get more food, and I used that as an opportunity to do some wildlife photography.

By the end of a second week, the wild animal would come to the balcony where it interacted with various props I used for photography. Soon, a Russian bird visited me and continued doing so daily.

Suddenly, my balcony had become a wildlife photographers’ studio filled with nature props, cameras, mirrors, etc. The bird followed me, and I followed the bird with my camera, as it searched for hidden food in scenes that I had created.

Some photos of this encounter were awarded and published. Eventually, cute squirrels appeared, and they still come daily to my outside studio. Little did I know back then that the wildlife would become my living.

Since last year I have been organizing squirrel workshops at home. These workshops are organized to occur two times a year when the baby squirrels arrive. A maximum of 3 participants can join this 5-day workshop.

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