“Karma” is a teaching in Buddhism and Hinduism to explain how our thoughts and actions impact our lives and others.Past life karma can show up in some situations in our lives to preach us a lesson that we didn’t learn in the past or else a lesson which we have forgotten at present.Pay attention to the people and the incidents happening around you.They can have a great impact into your life.

There are the impacts how karma would affect our lives.What are the seven ways that Karma can dominate our lives?

1)Give them and Take from them

If you were tight-fisted,ungenerous and stingy in a past life except that in this life,you might feel weak in certain situations.This means that you need to correct that imbalance by giving more to others than you imagine.People who give more feel better,so you also can give more to the others.Anyway you can’t miscarry yourself while widening your heart to others  more and more.

2)Having shocking experiences in childhood

You may have gone through traumatic experiences in your early childhod,and while none of your sorrounders see the tragic reflection of your past life karma,it should be considered as something more  worthy.The most  significant thing happens here is that you have acted the very similar way in one of your past lives too.The karma comes after you as your own shadow.

3)Karma is a “CYCLE”

If you have not face your past life karma yet,they will come after you and affect your life according to the time in various ways.This is a never ending process.If you want to find good friends,good partners and good vibes;you should learn self-love and acceptance.Therefore this karmic law is called as “CHAKRA”.

4)Ones arrive into yourlife with a reason

Many people in your life have probably go through your path in previous lives.They have lessons to teach you.So watch out carefully and pay your full attention for these events.Your family,your relations,your friends and everybody come to you to tell something very important to you.So be careful when strange things happen!

5)Roles are often reflected

In the past life,your mom or dad could have been your daughter or son.Perhaps you may have had parent your present parents and you might feel them like kids.Anyway whatever should happen in this life according to karmic law will not be stopped due to any reason or any force.

6)The events you face in this life are the reflections of your past life

Many factors in our current lives influence our situation of course,but also we can look to our past lives for clues.If we have had make others disabled in those past lives,in this life we may born as retarded ones.

7)Past life actions can react in our emotions

For example,if you ruled your life with violent acts and caused chaos in the past,this will show up in situations in your current lives.If you were peaceful and loving,you will definetely recieve peace and love back to you by others.

Every situation can show us clues into who we were and what we did in our past lives.


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