For an artist, everything is a medium; even the sky.

Lân Nguyen, who is known online as 19.XCV (which stands for 1995), has been transforming photos of the sky into everyday objects and scenes using digital silhouettes, and judging by the images, his imagination is certainly that of a creator.

“What started in 2017 as just posting sunset photos that I’ve captured with my phone quickly turned into uploading creative and unique images that no one has ever seen before,” Lân Nguyen told to us. From holding a strawberry to popping champagne, his Instagram account is now full of pink, cloudy formations that run through your screen as you scroll down as a warm, fading memory of summer.

More info: | Instagram | YouTube (h/t mmm)

Just waiting for people to grab his works to place inspirational quotes in it.

So imagine that this is the way that all of us are going to start the New Year!


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