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Minions for life

“Breed for Health.” Not for Show”: A breeder is reworking on the faces of French Bulldogs to improve their health.

Only 40 breeds and varieties were identified in 1873, but there are now approximately 450 recognized dog breeds worldwide. Humans created contemporary breeds by artificial selection in an unnatural way. Because dog fighting was prohibited in England in 1835, people switched to another competitive activity of dog showing, which was …

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Is The Devir Family Having A Good Time With Their Newborn Son? You will find it in These 17 Funny Comics

Yael and Maya Devir, Israeli comic artists, require no introduction. Their web comic ‘One of those Days’ has 5.5 million followers on Instagram. Together, the pair illustrates their everyday life and exciting parenting adventures with daughter Ariel and newborn son Ethan. They have a unique style that is readily recognizable …

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