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Bats QLD (Flying Foxes & Micro-bats) Inc. is a not-for-profit, volunteer run, bat rescue and rehabilitation organisation based in the Gold Coast that provides a public health service to the community through the 24/7 rescue of injured Flying Foxes/Microbats. Bats Qld rehabilitates raises and releases flying foxes/microbats back into the environment to continue their important roles as Australia’s only long distance pollinators of our eucalyptus forests and natural pest control.

Bats are classified into two major groups: Flying Foxes and Microbats. Both share many similarities with humans: they have a similar skeletal structure (they have elongated fingers, not wings that they fly with), are warm-blooded, give birth and suckle their young, are devoted and caring mothers and even leave their children (called pups) at ‘childcare’ as they go in search of food!

Education is also an important part of what they do and they often attend many council events/festivals/animal expos during the year to raise awareness in the community about the importance of this keystone species to the Australian environment.

But sadly the present society has become a threat to bats. With increasing urbanization, more man made hazards like barbed wire, power lines, domestic animals, cars and roads, and increasing heat events, bat numbers are declining at an alarming rate. Losing these wonderful animals will have catastrophic consequences to many other of our unique animals; especially tree-dwelling animals like koalas.

The negative myths surrounding these creatures don’t do them any good too. Besides, there also is a fully effective post-exposure vaccine.

Interestingly, flying foxes have similar eyesight to ours, and although microbats don’t have the best vision, they can see as well.

The bottom line is that bats are doing their part in keeping the environment in check, and they deserve respect for their contribution. Microbats are also voracious predators of mosquitoes. So why not consider putting up a bat box in your garden to keep the mozzies at bay?


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