A mother is someone who fills the void anybody else creates in your life, but no one can fill the void of a mother passing away.

Mothers are some of the strongest people in this world. They care for us in ways that no one else does and they are here for us no matter what the world throws our way. Even when we’re messing up, they stick by our sides and help us through it all.

Describing a mother’s love for her child is nearly impossible because no words seem to be worthy enough. When a woman starts having children, everything changes in her life.

Raising a family is always tougher on the mother because she has to birth the children, nurse, and nurture them for the first few years of their lives. At this stage, the children are not yet developed enough to understand her sacrifices and love.

They throw tantrums, act silly and run their mother ragged, and occasionally, she may snap a few twigs. However, if right after this tirade she’s required to give her life for her children, she wouldn’t think twice. She’d still go hungry to feed them and work three jobs to provide for them. A mother’s love is impossible to fathom.

The presence of an active mother is invaluable to the development of a child. A loving mother would consider her children before anything else, and as they get older, they’ll begin to understand her irreplaceable role in their lives.

As teenagers, they may go through that hormonal phase where they believe their parents dislike them and do not understand them.

 As adults, they’ll finally begin to appreciate their mother’s unconditional love, in a way that will overwhelm them. They’ll know they can turn to her in times of distress and she’ll move all the mountains she can to make everything all right.

 A mother’s impact in a child’s life goes beyond the emotional. Most people don’t believe it, but parental love and care have physiological effects on children, as a recent study shows.

The brains of two three-year-old children were analyzed by neurologists, and the differences were astonishing. One of the children had caring parents and a loving home, while the other was being seriously neglected.

The first child had a visibly larger brain with fewer dark spots and areas that may be lesions (abnormal tissues), which are caused by injury or disease. The other child had a smaller brain with several, large dark spots, marred by dark areas as well.

According to the doctors, the child with the smaller brain is more likely to develop mental disorders and severe health problems. Neglect is also one of the reasons why many children do not perform well academically.

Several brain genes, including the ones responsible for intelligence, cannot function properly. A child who is cuddled, read to, kissed, and tucked into bed every night would most likely fair better than one sent to bed with yelling by alcohol-driven parents.

The mother-child relationship is a strongly influential one, and her presence alone is everything you need to have a strong emotional base in life.

It will take time to get back to any real kind of routine and you will need a break from everything. If you’ve lost your mother, whether it was recent or years ago please know that I understand what you’re still facing even now.

Your mother loved you very much and she doesn’t want you to feel as though moving forward is impossible. She would if able to speak to you tell you that you deserve to be happy whether she’s here on this planet or not. We all heal on our own time and even if you’ll never be the same, it will get better.



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