“WHAT ARE WE DOING?”, “WHAT SHOULD WE DO?” These are the questions we get stuck when we find harder times between our ages. Why did we own a human life? What for? Obviously not to waste it over something that happened in the prior decades. Even at tough times we should have a balance in our lives in order to realize the situation and to dust the fog away. Ask for a self-discovery within you. A change was way overdue. Is this the way we can help you? Carry on.

Who Am I?

The first step that will help guide you on your journey is figuring out who you truly are. If you can pinpoint who you were, who you are now, and who you want to be in the future you are not far off from attaining what you desire.

If you happened to have kept a journal at any point in your past, read through it. Connecting with your history may help to determine what got you so far off the beaten path in the first place. If you have never journaled before, there is no time like the present! In the first few pages make a list of everything you like about yourself and then make a list of everything you want to change. And then dream. What do you want more than anything? Jot down it.

Don’t Take It for Granted

Most of us who has ever experienced a suffocating, near-death experience come out with a strange and new strength of our life. Don’t think the situation is tough. But on the other side you become tough after going through that harder time.  Acknowledging that we only have this one ticket to ride is paramount to living a beautiful life. That realization alone should stir up a newfound appreciation for the gift you’ve been given. Don’t think life is hard. You are the one who make it complicated.

Your One Chance

Do you like your occupation? Is it something that makes you happy? Ask yourself how the job or career you currently have is serving you. The average human will spend about 90,000 hours working throughout their lifetime. But more than 80% of the population is not happy at their jobs. If the thought of walking into work Monday morning and punching your time card brings on the feeling of nausea, it’s probably time to start looking for a new gig. Being happy at your place of work is one of the most important factors to living a beautiful life.

You Deserve a Treat

Reward yourself! Treat yourself better! It’s so simple, and the world will not crumble if you enjoy a cupcake every once-in-a-while or buy a pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on for months. If it’s within your means, give yourself a treat now and then.

Relationship Goals

Are there toxic people meandering around you, filling your head with negativity? If so, you might want to start the process of weeding out those naysayers and gossips.

Take Time for You

What makes you happy? What relaxes you? What makes you laugh? Once you figure out what brings you joy in life, try to make those things habits. Take a candlelit bubble bath, take a yoga class, go to the movies once or twice a week. There’s nothing better than carving out some time that you devote only to yourself.

Dust Your Shoulders Off

Try not to sweat the small stuff. It’s easy to worry yourself to death about life’s little hiccups, but it’s also important to realize that the small, nagging, thing that you’re worrying yourself sick over this week, won’t even be a thought in your mind in a few days. Skipping over life’s tiny bumps in the road is essential to a beautiful life.

Remember: Leading a life that is truly beautiful is wholly based on your perspective. No one else can dictate what your idea of beauty is. Maybe the question isn’t, how to live a beautiful life, but what is already beautiful in my life?

Be grateful for who you are and appreciate the world around you. Live a life in such a way that life itself has a crush on you. Live beautifully. Think passionately and love completely. Be happy.



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