Maybe you will be thinking that what a “Pomsky” is? You might be still wandering about what I am going to say about Pomsky? Pomsky is neither a fox nor a wolf. It is an amazing creature and a Pomeranian -Husky mix or a Fox-like-dog. Have you ever seen a dog that looks like a really cute fox?

Pomsky is a dog and this is a cross between a Pomeranian-mommy-dog and a Husky-daddy-dog. It is called Mya. Though we mostly see husky dogs on the snow pulling snow sleds, Mya can certainly live in any environment not herding or guarding reindeers. Mya is a female dog who is often appearing in the crowded city in South Florida with her human-friend Dave Lazio. We can see her travelling all around the various states of America.

She attracts all and every human being with her glistening blue eyes and her vixen-like appearance. Just take a glance at Mya and I bet you will instantly fall in love with her charming looks.



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