We’ve got just what you need to make your day- a baby bat gorging herself on a banana till her small cheeks are full to the brim.

Miss Alicia” is the affectionate name of this small flying fox who was rescued in Queensland, Australia after a terrifying collision with a car left her in a critical condition. A bat conservationist, Denise Wade (Batzilla The Bat) embraced Miss Alicia and she is expected to recover soon leaving no severe injuries. Regardless of the aftermath, she is still overloaded with cuteness!

Wade captured a video of Miss Alicia’s feeding time when she was napping and relaxing, curled up in a warm blue towel. Flying foxes are generally known to live on a diet of nectar and fruit and known to have a recognized sweet tooth. Given this, her response at the sight of a banana can be foreseen with ease!  Scroll down to view the adorable pictures of Alicia for yourself, and tell us if it isn’t cuter.

#1 Injured Alicia still looking cute curled up in a warm towel

#2 Faced a car accident but luckily survived thanks to the driver who hurried to get Alicia treated

#3 No major injuries were left behind on her and guess what? She is fond of eating bananas!

#4 Denise Wade, Miss Alicia’s caregiver, a bat conservationist

#5 Vehicle accidents would make me shudder, even at the thought of it!

#6 The aftermath was of great relief with no broken bones

#7 Miss Alicia will be in care for a brief time period and then be returned


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