“Life becomes easier when you delete the negative peoples from it. Raise the rent and kick them out.”

 It is true that some people can’t function without negativity because bringing down others makes them feel better.What is the single biggest determinant of your happiness?

The answer to this question, as you probably already know, is not wealth, fame, beauty, or power. Rather, it is how others particularly those closest to you such as friends, family, and colleagues treat you. When people close to you are nice to you, you can’t help but feel happy; when they mistreat you or avoid you, you are bound to be unhappy. The greatest and perhaps the rarest gift we can receive in life is family and friends who love us unconditionally.

That’s exactly why when these people, these individuals who share the same blood with you start to negatively affect your life and poison your life, it gets really hard to come to terms with reality. And as a result, it gets even harder to let go of them.

“They are my family”, you think. “How could I ever leave them?”

And you are right. But there’s one question that you must ask yourself.

How far would you let your family go until you finally decide to break it off for good?

Would you let them blame you for everything and get away with it as long as they live and breathe?

Would you let them criticize you and rob you of your dreams?

Would you let them destroy your life?

The truth is, being related by blood is not an excuse to treat someone like trash. More importantly, being related by blood is not a reason for you to feel bad about cutting those people off your life. Both friends and family can be just as poisonous as strangers. And you might not believe this, but in some cases, they can be even worse.

Just because they’ve been in your life so long doesn’t mean that they get to get away with everything they do to you. The fact that they are your sibling, parent, or friend does not give them the right to drag you down and destroy everything you hold dear.

It is perfectly okay to cut toxic family members. It’s not selfish, it’s not rude and it’s definitely not wrong.  It is called self-care. Forget what people are saying and please, don’t let their disapproving comments get to you. You are the only creator of your life. The only person your happiness depends on.

And you deserve to live a life that would make you proud. You deserve respect, tranquility, peace, support, understanding, and love. You deserve to know that there will always be people out there that care for you. You deserve to know that there will always be people out there that you can count on.

So, give yourself that. At the end of the day, you are the only person who really knows what’s best for you. And no one could ever do anything to interfere with that. You just need to listen to what your heart says and keep walking the path that you’ve chosen.

People with purpose, goals, and visions have no time for drama. They invest their energy in creativity and focus on living a positive life. You deserve only loving and kind words, thoughts, and energy. Give yourself that gift.


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