By : Vihangi Kodithuwakku

God couldn’t be everywhere. Therefore, he created mothers. The linkage between a girl and her Mother is in comparable to any other knot.Oft-times it is her bond with her mother that Shapes a daughter’s chivalry. Strong mothers raise strong daughters and there are some Things suitable mentioning.

A strong mother preaches her daughter that a strong woman can dwell on herself. She Does not need somebody else to make her happy; she knows that her happiness rests Thoroughly on herself.

A steady mother produces an unfettered woman who can get stuff done on her own. Mother’s Strength offers several lessons to a daughter; it is by keep looking at the mom’s steadiness That her daughter learns to arise herself, how to face people when required, how to take care Of herself and to exist in this complicated world. A strong mother knows her worth and Teaches her daughter that she is important so much. She does not let amalgamations to get virulent and make her daughter learn to find between people who are likely keeping close and Who should be kept away from her life. A strong mother honors herself and does not allow People to humiliate her. She teaches her daughter the same merits, as in it is okay to stand up for ourselves.

The strong mom assures that her dear girl knows that crying is okay. Even the coldest-hearted Of us cry at harder times. What’s worth is, to learn from those tough times and to move forward. An iron mother instructs her daughter that it is alright to back out for some times and to move on again. She tells that it is important to not look back and to lie on the past. It is necessary to admire the present and to look for the future hopefully.

With a strong mother, the ignorance is not a short cut option for problems, especially giving up On yourself. A strong mother shows her daughter the value of finding up your own self and That you are nothing if you don’t try, even when you are miscarried. She brings out a daughter Whose capacities are set high, who does not let herself to be taken advantage of. She knows That this mechanism takes time; she does not precipitate but venerates it. A damsel with a strong mother should know every-now-and-then to reminded of what an Uncompromising person she is. You can always choose to be delighted and mighty because it’s An ability that has been poured drop by drop to you from your mother. She is your impulse, she is your inspiration, she is your role model and when you get older with an iron mother you also Transforms to be an iron daughter


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