Little Girl Gets Her Beloved Dog Toy Back from The Hotel, Along With Photos Of Him Living His Best Life


A Virginia family is sharing a heartwarming story about a lost stuffed toy dog named Ruff Ruff and praising a hotel staff for its actions. Allison and Kristofer Kuykendall had traveled to Richmond for a soccer tournament in early March with their little daughter 2 year old Juniper.

They stayed at a Doubletree by Hilton Hotel. After leaving, they discovered their 2-year-old daughter’s favorite stuffed animal, a dog named Ruff Ruff, was missing.

Allison, mom of the little child shared on Facebook, “As many of you know, she loves her “Ruff Ruff”. He goes everywhere she goes. Sadly, we realized we left him behind last weekend at our hotel in Richmond during the girls’ soccer tournament.

I called the hotel when we got home to ask if anyone had seen him. A few days later we get a package and much to her surprise Ruff Ruff was delivered safely back into her arms. Hilton Double Tree Midlothian went above and beyond the call of duty. They sent her a personal letter with photos of all that Ruff Ruff did while he was away. Thank you, Doubletree by Hilton Richmond-Midlothian!!”

Image credits: Allison Kuykendall

Hotel employees had not only found Ruff Ruff but they also took pictures of him enjoying amenities at the hotel – relaxing poolside, working on a computer, snuggled in bed and talking on a phone at the front desk.

After returning home, the family called the hotel. The toy was located and mailed back in three days with the photos, cookies and a note. The note said, “Dear Juniper, thanks for letting us borrow Ruff Ruff for a day! He was such a big help around the hotel. Don’t worry, he didn’t work too hard and we gave him plenty of playtime! He’s missed you so much! Thanks again, and hope you and Ruff Ruff visit us again soon! Love, Doubletree Team.”

Image credits: Allison Kuykendall
Image credits: Allison Kuykendall
Image credits: Allison Kuykendall


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