Thousands Packed Into Huangshan National Park As Shutdown Relaxed In China


HUGE crowds flocked to a Chinese park over the weekend as officials offered free entry after coronavirus shutdown restrictions were relaxed.

Up to 20,000 tourists visited the Huangshan National Mountain Park in Anhui in China.  Without appearing to follow social distancing measures, people packed into the attraction. Many wore face masks but some did not have protective equipment. Chinese tourists can be seen crammed side by side on the narrow pathways between the mountains.

The park, which has reopened after closing on January 25, waived its entry fee to attract tourists. Officials are offering free entry to 31 attractions in Anhui from April 1 to 14 in a bid to boost tourism.

Visitors underwent health screenings including having their temperatures taken. The park was even forced to turn people away after reaching full capacity.

When it comes to China, country reported 81,708 coronavirus cases and 3,330 deaths since the outbreak started in Wuhan in December 2019, has begun relaxing strict lockdown restrictions.

The overly packed mountain park made some tweets obsessed about the possibilities of the infection transmission of Covid-19 in the country. “The free entrance policy should not be encouraged as the global pandemic is not over yet, do they want the corona virus to break out again?”


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