Rescuers save a Lion Cub Who Had His Legs Broken by a photographer to Prevent Him from Escaping Photos with Tourists


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A photographer took a baby lion cub from his mother and used the cub to pose with tourists on Russian beaches to take selfies with the animal.

Animals are too often the subject of human cruelty, and there seems to be no end to what we as a species put these pure, innocent creatures through.

Animals are so beautiful, innocent, infinitely fascinating, and absolutely lovable, and most of us feel sick at the thought of them being harmed.

One recent story showed an adorable lion cub taken from his mother and used as a tourist attraction. The cub was just a few weeks old when it was taken from his mother.

This terrible story portrayed how much people are willing to go just to get some money and use poor animals.

Russian president Vladimir Putin was so shocked he personally ordered an investigation into the cruelty faced by the helpless cub, called “Simba”. reports on 11th June 2020, a distressing video shows the poor animal before operation, and afterwards as he slowly and painfully learns to walk again.

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Tourists would pay to have their photos taken with the cub, and in order to keep Simba compliant, his captors abused him terribly.

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The people in charge of Simba broke his legs and injured his spine so that the little cub would not be able to run away or avoid interacting with the tourists.

It’s also believed that he was beaten and tortured by his abusers.

After exploiting the lion last summer, the performing bad behave with lion, so the animal could not run away.

Reports say it became ill. The animal was dumped, hardly able to move, tethered in a dirty, cold barn in the Russian region of Dagestan.

So Simba was kept tied up in a barn in Russia, where tourists were allowed to pose and take pictures with the suffering cub.

When rescuers finally got word of him, poor Simba was within an inch of his life.

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Apart from his broken leg, Simba also suffered from pressure sores, muscular atrophy and intestinal issues.

Simba has unfortunately been left permanently deformed by his abuse, but his recovery has still been going quite well; he’s noticeably happier and healthier, and he has re-learned how to walk.

And even though he may limp a little bit, he seems to be getting faster and stronger.

The abuse Simba has had to suffer through is nearly incomprehensible, and all over the world, people are voicing their disgust.

The unnamed photographer who used Simba in Sochi last summer had denied ever torturing the animal, claiming he had passed the cub on to new owners.

According to vet Dallakyan, the cub’s gradual recovery was a ‘miracle’. Simba had to learn to walk and play again. With much love, patience, play, and toys, he is becoming a normal young cub and we hope the memory of the trauma of his past will fade with time.

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Vet Dallakyan helps rescue hundreds of animals, domestic and wild, including animals such as tigers, snakes, birds, hedgehogs from cruel and abusive situations. He heals their injuries and provides them with safe shelter, food and love.

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A year has passed since Simba’s rescue, and he’s nearly unrecognizable.

The beautiful little lion is growing steadily and has turned into a happy and healthy-looking little guy.

He no longer has to live in fear, and can instead enjoy living his new, safe and peaceful life.

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Today, Simba is alive and is quickly learning that not all humen are bad. People helped the cub relearn walking and playing with toys.

With enough time, Simba is sure to become a normal baby lion again.

Thousands of animals experience cruelty all over the world. Many awful people torture them to gain popularity and money. When going to see an animal, always keep their safety and livelihood in mind—animals are not entertainment, but living beings that feel pain just like the rest of us.

Please consider donating to institutions that help animals in need and if you see an animal being mistreated, speak up and don’t ever let them suffer.

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