As adults, we can all recall some of the ridiculous school rules we had to endure as children. But who thought that we’d face the same scenario all over again, as parents!

Some rules are of course logical when it comes to the length of the skirt and wearing no jewelry during physical training classes. But some are pointless and inconvenient such as the ones related to hair color, cosmetics and even prepared meals brought to school. 

One might think that, with the lapse of time, we’d have dropped such meaningless rules. But unfortunately, even now, this happens as children are sent home from school for a variety of incessant reasons, leaving parents to cope with the repercussions. 

The last person you’d expect to have had difficulties with his looks at school is this beautiful kid, Farouk James. 

Farouk is popular as he gains attention as a young model. But it is fair enough! It’s simple to understand it’s his hair and why his hair has earned him hundreds of millions of Instagram followers.

Farouk and his mother, Bonnie, who live in the UK, are afraid that Farouk’s waist-length hair will have to be cut off since it violates school standards in his homeland.

Yes, many school policies are ridiculous, but when they start outlawing natural hairstyles, they are far more than being called ridiculous. 

Farouk hasn’t colored or styled his hair in any way that may be called to attention based on school policies. By any chance, if he was a girl, he could wear his hair at any length as per his choice. Given this, his gender should have no bearing on this.

The child model has always had a good volume of hair and even on Farouk’s 4D scans as a newborn, before he was even given birth by Bonnie, it seems like he had had a lot of hair! Farouk grew up with long hair and told This Morning hosts that he believes it’s “adorable.”

The real problem came up when Bonnie started finding schools for her kid! And it was of course Farouk’s hair that mattered.

The London Oratory School, was one of the two schools that turned Farouk down. It was also the same school to which Bonnie’s elder son had once attended. Bonnie, on the other hand, had a different type of issue which was also surprisingly ironical, with her elder son as the school once complained her that his haircut was “too short”. 

Bonnie had anticipated that by now, the school’s guidelines would have been revised, but that was not the case!

Farouk’s hair still goes against the school policies, instead of those being updated, Bonnie sensed that something was wrong.

Bonnie chose to advocate for change instead of chopping Farouk’s hair, which he’d become so devoted to by this point.

She presented her thoughts to CBS News by telling that, they are teaming up together as Mane Generation and keep on fighting until these policies are altered. And she further states that it is worldwide, not just locally within the United Kingdom.

Bonnie had a tremendous job ahead of her, but she had always been optimistic.

She’d got to know similar scenarios of parents fighting back against school policies based on afros and dreadlocks, some of which had even influenced schools to modify their policy.

Bonnie intends to utilize Farouk’s Instagram account as a forum for this cause, as well as to share similar scenarios of parents and children.


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