The possibility of these floral farm outfits to be sold in large numbers across is high, though they seem unlikely to be worn by you at any cost. One would think that the taste of fashion in people had been completely diminished as a result of being secluded from the outside world for a long time while being quarantined. Though this seem to be a reasonable explanation, it is not so! But it is rather fair enough to say that is because the #TargetDressChallenge has grown substantially viral.

Where do the roots of this lie at? When someone stated that, “people just lost the farm after locusts ate their crops “at the sight of a couple of long outfits at Target, the things started to get interesting.
Little House on the Prairie is the location which many people chose as a farm to take photographs of themselves and upload wearing the long outfit while holding cattle and engaging in all sorts of farm work. It instantly blew up as a trend that went viral with entire families joining in for a much-needed amusement.

#1 The hilarious long Target outfit

Melissa Tomas

#2 It is ok to make someone laugh even if my whole family thinks weird of me!

Michaela Orme

When inquired about their thoughts on the iconic Target outfit, Bre responded that it was on one of her farm or chicken-related Facebook groups that she got to know of this so called weird challenge. Later, she was amazed to have spotted the famed prairie dress at the store and she had it even double checked.

When asked how she persuaded Matt to participate in the challenge, Bre said, it wasn’t too hard as soon as her two kids saw the photographs and kept asking him to do it. She further stated that her 10-year-old kid asked Matt to do it as his birthday present and thus ended doing the shoot on his birthday. As he was 6’8 and weighed 300 pounds, Bre did have the slightest idea of finding the perfect sized dress when XXL could make it, though the knee was a bit exposed!

#3 Though we yearned to have the Holy Bible with us for the shoot, we couldn’t get hold of it

Jay Durham

Though looking mean and serious was a just a piece of cake to me, Meilyah could hardly hold herself from laughing!

#4 As enticing as Robert Plant dressed in a blouse at a show, he stands with his naked feet holding on to a chicken. The headdress isn’t right for the dress, but the Coors bottle is.

Carol Nall

#5 Holding a chicken was of no harm to both the parties!

Cheri Lawrence Grovesteen

#6 Bre gave me this look regardless of how funny it looked!

Bre Bogert Photography

Matt said that he chuckled when Bre first proposed it with his kids. But he deliberated on the fact of how much his family endured as they had to confront with a significant number of losses this year and agreeing to this would make all of them laugh at least for a while. Moreover, he loved shooting at his farm and making his wife smile and the kids would learn something out of it too!

It is a must to be mentioned that Bre is a professional photographer who runs her own website and that no props were needed as those were already there on site except for the outfit!

#7 Her journal entry stated that it was another day at the farm during the lockdown and that she made a new apron and a hat for herself. The people in her hometown had recently charged her of witchcraft and had only spared her life as they believed her to have discovered a remedy for the virus. But she flies on her broom now in peace!

Sayda Shanik Krasovec

#8 Two cuties embracing themselves!

Melissa Tomas

#9 Being struck with boredom isn’t a big deal when you’ve got the best man to model for you!

Danielle Elizabeth Photography

#10 Seeing ’20 off while leaving the sh*t behind

Fruition Acres

#11 329 days had passed since the strike of the pandemic and hopelessness isn’t all we’ve got but also pandemic fashion tips

Erin Kellar Stewart

#12 Who says that all Target dresses are of L, XL, XXL?

Melissa Tomas

#13  2021 is full of annoyance!

Thomas Henrich

#14 Another Target Dress!

Melissa Tomas

#15 The hog would disappear and reappear as meat if this winter holds for long!

Corrie Bubbico

#16 Eggs too make a perfect blend with Target dress!

Melissa Tomas

#17 Sometimes Mischievousness and a perfect partner is all what needed to call it a day!

Brown Photography

#18 Let me confess my confidence in wearing the Target dress and yes I do rock it

Lindsay Bright

#19 My girls did run away leaving behind me with this chicken!

Andy Fell

#20 Me and my non alive companion

Fruition Acres

#21 Target dress looks better when photographed sideways too!

Melissa Tomas

#22 Let me runaway [peacefully!

Melissa Tomas

#23 Came all the way up to gather up some wood

Emily McCallie Wiggins

#24 A perfect chemistry!

Fruition Acres

#25 I may look fierce but of course just for the shoot!

Melissa Tomas

#26 Let me clench my thirst first!

Melissa Tomas

#27 Green up and white down and me tryna fit in

Jen Gessele

#28 You would fit in my pot perfectly!

Andrea McNair

#29 Livestock is not all what I’ve got to fit in to the frame

Melissa Tomas

#30 what’s in my hands aren’t all I’ve got if you only see through me!

Melissa Tomas


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