To be honest, although I kept drawing for half of the month, I was not quite happy with the output owing to time constraints. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I could do was to create a general theme for the prompt list.

The theme that I chose was “Ladies” and the rest was much easy for me as I only had to adhere to the precise prompt list. Another hint is that I followed a list of other artists and used their unique hashtags.
Believe me, I only had less than 3000 followers before I took part in the Inktober challenge!

#1 What are Robins pecking at?

#2 The Woman Warrior

#3 Smoke Rings

#4 Tears or Water?

#5 Disguised mask 1

#6 Disguised mask 2

#7 Snow flakes

#8 Symmetry

#9 Connected sisters

#10 Wounded

#11 Covered slit

#12 Caught up

#13 Verdant

#14 Asinine

#15 Ice struck

#16 Mechanical person


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