It is always astonishing to see an opal stone, and this is no exception. This is a Boulder Opal called the ‘Rainbow Tree’ From Queensland, Australia and it’s pretty incredible. It’s so astounding to have a careful look at this creation of our mother nature.

Mighty count of crystals, like this opal, is formed by the molecules in liquid that harden as they cool down. As the cooling magma that cools down slowly and then hardens the gemstones are formed.

Because diamonds are harder to source than other more common stones they are highly sought after. As we know opal stones are also quite expensive, but, not as expensive as the rare types of diamonds out there. The price of an opal depends on what type of opal it is, as well as the quality and the size.

A darker opal will be more expensive than a white opal since it can be arduous to find. Opal is mainly found in Australia in Lightning Ridge as well as in Coober Pedy, Mintabie, and Andamooka.

This beautiful crystal is made up of silicon dioxide and water mixed together, and as the water flows over sandstone, it ends up gathering silica and broken down fossils. Then, the water evaporates and what’s left is pure silica which creates opal.

Opal can look like the northern lights or even like the ocean in as it ends up having a very kaleidoscopic array of bright multi-colours.

These fabulous pearled stones are mostly used in jewelry like the rings, earrings, pendants and even especially natural therapies. Would you ever believe? Yeah, it is surprising. It is marvelous that the energy of opal stones can help to create harmony and balance in our own personal energy systems and meridians. In massage therapy, these pearls like thing can be placed around or on a person to enhance and balance their energy. People also collect crystals like opal to add to their home environments to bring the energy of the stone into their home. Opal has been said to have an energy that can help those who are dealing with infections, fevers, PMS and birthing. Were you ever known?

By holding the crystal, you may feel these subtle energies as you hold it, which can help you draw on your own strength. Opal has also been appreciated as it increases creativity and self-expression, as well as executing self-worth and self-esteem. This pearl is the also the birthstone for October and can be given as a gift to celebrate the 14th year of marriage.

The word opal comes from the Sanskrit word “upala”, which means precious stone. Also, the Greeks called it “Opallios”, which means “to perceive a change of colour” and as you can tell by looking at it, opal does change colour in the light which is one of its’ best features and which is why people love it so much. Holding opal stones up to the sun or a light and moving the stone back and forth with unfold so many brilliant colours that will amaze you.

Traditionally Greek people thought that opal would give a person foresight and better insight. During the medieval ages, women with lighter hair would wear opal to prevent themselves from losing their hair and colour. Many people say that they sleep better when they have a crystal such as opal under their pillow and that they have fewer bad dreams. It never hurts to try it out, even on you.

If you don’t find this breathtaking natural crystal is interesting, just try to develop your desire into that. This opal is really awesome. It’s some another creature of our most loved Mother Nature that harder to see and to explore. Just have a try. This opal may magnetize you with its’ torpidness wizardry within your first look at it.




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