Nowadays a lot of fans have gathered around somewhere and we can see them always speaking about a movie that they watched the previous day. Most probably the movie they are boasting about is either a horror movie or an action-thriller movie. The remarkable trend which is far most significant among the societies is that the crowd that love horror movies are gradually increasing with the time.

However some defend movies by saying that they are just nothing more than movies. Most of the people have even wanted these horror movies banned or have bitter prohibitions to minimize the detection over them. Due to their graphic and inappropriate nature horror movies have recurrently been under observation.

In any event, recently, the experts have released the research results of the impacts of horror movies on our psyche. Let’s see whether the results are going to surprise you.

1) How does fear affect on our brain?

The studies reveal that “Fear” is the most alarming emotion we improve when we watch a horror movie. The subject had scathed fear adoption in faces, fear we get when we face the society and damaged conditioning concerning fear. If we get into the brain activation after watching a horror movie, we develop fear inside it and the amygdala is where our brain experiences fear.

Anyway as this is a single case study, it does bring out the question of if the amygdala’s’ reaction to the emotion of fear is associated with joy or terror when watching horror. Their final decision is the ones who possess higher activity in the amygdala may experience more fear or joy than those who have less activity when it comes to horror.

2) Physical responses to fear

As fear is our body’s survival mechanism, whenever our brain notices a threat, this will cause several reactions inside the body and outside it.

You might experience goose bumps and your heart rate and breathing will increase while the blood vessels in the skin are baffling. Your muscles may pump up with blood in response to the fear.

As it goes you might feel sweating, suffer a scarcity of hearing and even not having a wet mouth. The adrenaline hormone will cause you to experience an emotional response like crying or avoidance of the situation too.

In the study, they have found that the women and men reported experiencing anxiety in certain fields, avoiding horror films and increased nervousness after watching horror.

Another significant study reveals that 50% of them experienced the results of watching horror movies long after the movie ended. They have reported trouble sleeping and eating. It has damaged their social, mental or work function gradually day after day.

 On the other hand as there is no long-term adverse effect through watching horror, there is an evidence of short-time effects of anxiety, nightmares and war at sleep on our psyche.



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