There is something about fuzzy, warm, wet-nosed animals that appeal to children. Why do kids love animals so much?  Their friendship behaviors towards the pet like stroking, cuddling, playing with it and grooming the pet, taking it for a walk, allowing it to stay in the room and telling it secrets reveal the kid’s strong attachment to the animal just as with parents. Worldly it’s magical.

An international award-winning children’s portrait photographer in Beaver, West Virginia with eight years of experience in the field by all means a mom of four loving children focused on capturing the innocence of the bond between animals and children. She found it so undeniable.

As she told “I’m inspired by paintings, color, light, and my kids. I put a lot of work into every detail in my image—from the wardrobe and location to hairstyles. There is so much that creates the perfect image; even the tiniest detail can change a photo from good to amazing.” She further added that “I shoot with a Nikon D750 and use a 35mm sigma art or 85mm 1.4 Nikon lens. I prefer to shoot mainly outdoors and love to find new locations with pretty light.”

Now it’s your turn to just sit back and zest every image!


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