Are you a human being who feels special about you? You might be an earth angel. Read on.

All of us are formed in our own unique ways. However, some might make us feel a little strange while some of the spiritual gifts we possess we are proud of and we acknowledge them. You are spiritually gifted, if you are special since these are not common. Sometimes this might be uncomfortable if you don’t learn how to handle these gifts.

See whether the following signs sound familiar. If your answer is “Yes” you are truly an Earth Angel.

1. Difficulty in sleeping between 3:00 and 4:00 AM

Better known as “the witching hour”, between 3 and 4 the hallucination powers are believed to be at their strongest. Strange things could happen at this hour.

Have sleeping troubles between 3 and 4 am? You might be an Earth angel. You better meditate or pray to keep yourself calm because this time is that powerful.

2. Lunar cycles

During the full moon and the new moon, the moon is at its most powerful. If you feel restless during these periods, you might be spiritually gifted.

3. Animals are charmed by them.

Than those of humans the senses of animals are a lot stronger since they are able to smell fear or kindness. Animals can sense our aura and they might gravitate more towards spiritual people. In the company of the spiritual they feel protected and safe.

4. Physical surroundings affect your emotions

If you are spiritually gifted, your strong emotions might cause things to break or electronics to stop so you have to be in control of your emotions constantly.

Animals can also act strange when they sense these strong emotions coming from spiritually gifted people. Cats might be staring and dogs might be barking for no reason. Plants may become ill or flourish in the company of the spiritually gifted.

5. Weird people might approach them

The people who need healing or help might feel attracted to spiritually gifted people. These needs could be physical, emotional or mental. People who are labeled crazy by our society might be needy and therefore approach them to have guidance.

6. They are best at prophesy

They can be perfect at weather forecasting. Most probably the reason for this might be that their gifts are connected to nature.

7. They strongly sense negative energy in a room.

They are very sensitive to other people’s energy, so when they walk into a room they immediately feel the negative energy if there is any. If something bad has happened, they immediately know about it. They can also feel what other people think of them when they lock eyes. These skills help them to heal what needs healing. They also pick up positive energy super quickly.

When something strange is about to happen they know about it. So if you want to stay closer by them you may have to develop your aura. The reason for that is these earth angels don’t usually get attracted by general human-beings as they have unique connections with universe.

Are you surprised? Be aware!



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