Recently the experts had initiated a research in order to find out whether the children inherit intelligence from their mom or from their dad. The results were amazingly astonishing the savants and the dictum came out through this was that children get their brain skills not from their father but from their mother. Obviously a lot of fathers will not agree with this, but genetic researches have illustrated that children probably  get a lot of intelligence from their gene of “X” ,the feminine one and not from” Y” gene.

As Dr.Keith Witt states a bunch of genes inside the X chromosome or mother’s gene influence the cognition of her child. According to this proved research the women have a much larger impact on their child’s brain skills than men.

The Duty of X and Y Chromosomes

When comes to genetics, everyone knows that we get them from our parents. Through genetics we make our everything inside us. Our skills, powers, determinations, strength, abilities and everything depend on the genital substances also called as chromosomes.

A chromosome is a thread-like structure consisting of nucleic acids and protein. They carry genetic information. Every human-being carries one pair of chromosomes in each cell. Female have XX chromosomes while men get XY chromosomes.

The Gender-Specific Genes

These genes are named as “Conditioned Genes” too. They inherently contain a “tagging” system, which is made up of biochemical material. It specifically supports two main duties.

  1. Tracing to the gene’s point of origin
  2. Determination of an activated or de-activated state within the body. Activated genes will motivate genetic development while dormant genes will not.

Another important point is that if an individual skill is been promoted with maternal genes, the paternal genes are deactivated. It happens conversely when a paternal gene’s characteristics are set in high too.

The important thing is that the mechanism of gender-specific genes forms the basis of the intelligence study. Intelligence is a highly conditioned gene that comes directly from the mother.

According To the Study

In this study scientists used genetically-modified mice to test their hypothesis. They found

premature test subjects that were launched basically maternal chromosomes create a larger skull and a brain with a smaller body, while paternal gene developing a larger body with a smaller cranium and a brain. In addition baby’s good deals of competencies come from her mother.

To prove this point this, the scientists elaborate that the area of the brain responsible for executive functioning, such as language, planning, logical reasoning and advanced thinking totally depend on maternal genes.

As in the last note, it is accepted that the special bond between a mother and her child provides effort for them to explore the world and negative problems. Furthermore it is understood that our mom is the goddess who gives us brain power and cognitive skills to run our lives.




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